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AVFC v AYSO: Week 5

Last week, all three teams picked up wins—this week, all three teams finished their games level with the opposition. It’s clearly harder to score in the Premier League than the lakefront fields on Chicago’s North Side, so the Mighty Villa remain in third place on goal differential. If Gabby, Weimann, and Kozak don’t start finding the net with more regularity, I just might be willing to loan them a couple of strikers from my U10 team, the Tigers.

AVFC v AYSO week 5


AVFC v AYSO: Week 4

Positions remain unchanged over last week as all three teams picked up wins. The Tigers, my U10 team, and the Dark Knights, my U8 team, both continue to score more than their Premier League counterpart, so Villa remains in third place on goal differential.


AVFC v AYSO: Week 3

So, as I’ve mentioned, I coach my two sons’ AYSO teams, a commitment that, while it often keeps me from watching Villa in real time, is one I thoroughly enjoy. A perfect Saturday for me—wins for Villa, the Tigers, and the Dark Knights—feels like nine points. (Even better when both Graff boys get goals.) Last year, unfortunately, AVFC was a bit underperforming when compared to my AYSO U8s and U10s. Will this season be different?

Over the last three games (I had to lop off Villa’s Arsenal win to make it an equal number of games), my U10s, the Tigers, lead the table, with my U8s, the Dark Knights, ahead of Villa on goal differential.

The Chicago Tigers top the table
The Chicago Tigers top the table


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