Keir GraffMy name is Keir Graff. I started this blog on a whim in August 2013, planning to spend the 2013–14 season writing about Aston Villa and what it means to be an American fan of an English sports team. Somehow, I seem to have kept it going since then.

If you’re looking for the latest team news, statistical analysis, and tactical insight, you are definitely in the wrong place. But if you want to read about the rarity of victory and the frequency of defeat, leavened with a healthy dose of bemusement, you might want to stick around.

By day, I am the editor of Booklist Online. By early morning, evenings, and weekends, I am the author of five novels. (Click here if you want my whole life story.) I live in Chicago with my charming wife and two highly energetic sons.

Find more about my writing at And by all means, follow me on Twitter at @KeirGraff.