After the Final Whistle

We Love to Fly, and It Shows

You really don’t want to rely on an airline to help you make the kickoff of an important game. Long before I knew that Villa would actually be playing Arsenal in the FA Cup final—at a time when the team’s performances strongly suggested they were playing on borrowed time—I innocently made a ticket from New York home to Chicago, leaving mid-morning on Saturday, May 30.

Mere weeks older but much wiser, when I tried to change my ticket to an earlier flight, Delta essentially wanted to charge me the full ticket price to do so. My Scots-German genes make such a transaction physically impossible, so I set my hope on a daring plan: arriving at the airport early and innocently inquiring whether I might be allowed to take a seat on an earlier flight. I was indeed, and for a reasonably small fee at that. Delta Airlines: Where You’re Punished for Planning Ahead. Continue reading “Arsenal 4 – Aston Villa 0: We Win Again”