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Act of God?

It rained all night Friday in Chicago, and poor field conditions resulted in the cancellation of the U12 and U10 games I was set to coach. I hate it when the kids miss playing time, and I actually enjoy foul-weather games, but this act of god also meant that I could head down to the pub to watch the game.

In addition to the Chicago Villans, the Globe Pub is home base for Arsenal and Manchester City supporters’ groups as well. Earlier in the week, our chairman Simon Leach had accepted a challenge from City’s chair to see which of our teams is better supported. As neither of us has a chance of outnumbering the Gooners, this would be for number-two bragging rights.

The battle played out on Facebook and Twitter throughout the week, with City’s fans exhorting their followers to show up and the Villans suggesting that they simply buy more supporters if needed. Simon even posted helpful links so the City supporters could learn their own songs. Continue reading “Manchester City 3 – Aston Villa 2: Shall We Sing a Song for You?”