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Aston Villa, From Chicago to the Holte End of the World


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Dressed for Success – and Other Eventualities

I don’t typically shill for products here, but if you’re a Villan, how can you not love this excellent T-shirt? Doesn’t the memory of decades-old success help ease the pain of our recent failures?


Certainly a better purchase than the unfortunately timed Brad Guzan T-shirt . . .  Continue reading “Dressed for Success – and Other Eventualities”

Songs of the Damned

Whether you need a Friday laugh, or a cringe, or a sonic weapon to use against the annoying colleague in the next cubicle, look no further than the magnificently awful Reading FC song. It will give you the stupid shivers long after the last notes have played.

But if you’re a Villan, don’t laugh too hard. Remember that our club’s proud history also includes Niki Evans’ execrable 2010 Wembley song. Which might be even worse.

We’re the championees . . . 

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