Costa and Guzan 10-17-15

Did anyone actually expect us to win? I didn’t. And, for the first time the season, I didn’t even want to watch. Instead, I spent my Saturday morning taking a bike ride and architectural tour with my wife while my sons stayed home and watched cartoons.

I suppose that makes me a bad supporter, but I don’t feel too guilty. I have spent quite a bit of time and money watching Villa play badly in recent years, and it felt strangely liberating to just opt out. The time was well spent.

When I caught up with the game later, it seemed as though it was badly played on both ends, and Chelsea didn’t win it as much as Villa gave it away. Another horrific distribution error by Guzan and an unfortunate deflection off Hutton were all the hosts needed to take three points.

I’ve defended Guzan until now, both because he has often been the victim of poor defense and because it’s worth remembering how many games he kept us in during seasons past. (And perhaps in part because he is a native of the Chicago area—find me a sports fan who doesn’t have a soft spot for the local player.) But I have finally, reluctantly, concluded that a change may be the best thing for both Villa and Guzan. He is making too many unforced, game-changing errors at a time when we absolutely can’t afford them.

I really don’t have anything else to say. I’m just tired of losing—too tired to analyze anything, too numb to take a “Should Sherwood be sacked?” poll, too sick of all the chatter and argument and worry. Even speculating on managers seems pointless. Would Rodgers or Moyes be better? I used to think Moyes would be the perfect manager for a team like Villa, but his recent form suggests he’s in a slump, too.

Villa just needs to win a game. I would suggest they try the next one, at home to Swans. After all, even Newcastle have won—so anything’s possible.

(Congratulations to Lewis Rollins, who correctly predicted the scoreline and the result, earning himself 5 points to my 2 in our prognostication contest. Seems I gave Villa too much credit in thinking they could score against a team that had conceded 17 goals so far.)

Premier league table 10-19-15