Whose Fault Is It This Time?

Tim Sherwood conducts the Symphony of the Damned
Tim Sherwood conducts the Symphony of the Damned (click to see)

OK, we all agree that this year’s Villa is more creative, more talented, and more fun to watch than the previous several editions. But when will that translate into actual results? Yesterday’s result was such a gut-punch that I’m tempted to bring back my “how badly does it hurt” poll. But instead, let me offer a different survey.

Rocky Mountain Low

The cruel scheduling secretary of fate had me presenting a two-hour talk about my job at a writers’ conference in Denver while the game was being played. And though a glance at my phone assured me we had taken the lead on a Jack Grealish beauty, the rest of the game’s painful arc was revealed only later, as I scrolled backward through my Twitter feed, TRYING TO FIND OUT WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED.

Truly, it’s a game of two halves. But I’d trade one good half and one bad half in every game for an alternating succession of games in which we played two bad halves, and then two good halves. At this rate, wouldn’t you?

Instead, it seems we have a team constantly undone by the “individual errors” Sherwood cited in his post-game press conference. Whether it’s Sanchez or Bacuna, Guzan or Sherwood himself (although clearly he wasn’t referring to himself), too often we’ve seen good work undone in painful fashion.

Credit to the Foxes; they are a good team and they had the determination to win that Villa lacked. Too bad Marc Albrighton isn’t good enough to play for a team like ours—he has to settle for second place.

Hope Springs Eternal, Baldrick

I’m not giving up on Sherwood or this year’s edition. You’d have to be crazy to give up on this team after five games, especially with the promise they show. I really believe they can put together a better run of games—and they’d better. With 4 points from 5 games, they’re on track for . . . well, let’s see now . . . math was never my strong suit . . . they’re on track for about 30 points by the end of the year. Which is relegation form. Even in a league with Sunderland in it.

But it is interesting to see that several of those who saw Sherwood as Our Savior are starting to make rumblings that bear a passing phonetic resemblance to “Lambert Out.” He still could be the manager we need, but his substitutions are showing a certain amount of naivete.

All That Said

Please, for the love of god, forget about Emmanuel Adebayor.

Every Cloud Has a Blue Lining

And hey, we’re still better than Chelsea!