Well, I’ve wondered repeatedly where the goals were going to come from, and now I have my answer: from games League Cup games against League Two sides. And it only took the mighty Villa 120 minutes to prevail!

Fortunately, we survived the scare and escaped lasting embarrassment, and if Sherwood’s team selection at first looked faulty, the silver lining now is that he’s given more playing time to what is becoming a deep squad. This can only help in the long term, both in allowing the manager a chance to analyze his players and in allowing the players a chance to play.

The best result of the day, though, is the third-round draw.

I “watched” this on Twitter while at work—thank you to all the Villans who shared GIFs of the goals. Having seen only snippets I can’t comment much on individual performances, but it certainly looked like Bunn had a bad day at the office, while Grealish continues to show promise as a creator. Sinclair’s hat-trick surely equals at least three-fourths of a goal against a Premier League side, and Traore looks like a much-needed, cool-headed finisher.

And scoring five goals, even in a ragged game against a fourth-tier team, has its own upside: seeing the ball in the back of the net provides the best kind of visualization for players in their future games.

The best result of the day, though, is the third-round draw: home to Birmingham City!