The Aston Villa, Arsenal, and Manchester City supporters’ groups in Chicago are teaming up with the Globe Pub for a toy drive to benefit Lurie Children’s Hospital. Whether or not you live in Chicago, and no matter which team you support, please consider making a contribution. Details below, as provided by Simon Leach, Chicago Lions Chairman.

It’s here folks. I have the details for the Christmas toy drive (in cooperation with The Globe and Arsenal/ Manchester City Supporters groups). As previously advised we will be donating to Lurie Children’s Hospital here in Chicago, and there are four options to make it easy for even our non-Chicago based friends to donate:

1. You can buy a gift and bring it to the Globe on match day,
2. You can buy a gift online ( for example) and have it shipped directly to the Globe,
3. You can donate money online via our specific “Just Give” donation site that will go directly to the charity, or
4. Hand me a donation on match day and we will pool all donations and purchase gifts with the proceeds.

Details of the specific gifts Lurie is looking for can be found in the attached flyer, however if you have any questions please let me know.

We will be delivering the gifts at 10 on 12/21 after our game that day and may need help transporting them to the hospital so if anyone can volunteer to drive that would also be greatly appreciated. Cash donations will be accepted up until December 30.

Finally check out the video Victoria (Man City) put together…

Toy Drive 1Toy Drive 2