Weimann Held Goalless (Get it? HELD?)
Weimann Held Goalless (Get it? HELD?!)

Well, the wrong team wore claret and blue on Saturday—as always, it took me about fifteen minutes before I stopped getting things backward. But, after a brief bright start by Villa, as West Ham had more and more of the ball, it became clearer and clearer to me which team was mine: the one that had it, lost it, and hoofed it up the field.

Still, for all that, we looked more dangerous. They took a hell of a lot more shots, but we came closest, when Benteke’s header hit the bar so hard I could swear I heard it in Chicago. And, of Weimann’s two lightning-fast attacks in the first half—how did we not get a favorable call on either one?

Yet another game where we will rue our missed chances. Yet another game with a player lost to injury, leaving our squad looking thinner and thinner. I honestly thought that, in a battle between two teams that can’t win at home, the away team would have a good chance for three points. And yet.

375 MINUTES without a goal. Eduardo Galeano once wrote, “the goal is soccer’s orgasm”—and, if this is true, Villa fans have a serious case of blue balls. And it’s hard to pull up your big-boy pants when you’re sporting a case of size fives.

A few other perspectives:

So, After West Ham Away, Are We Better Or Worse Than Expected?” by Matt Turvey (Aston Villa Life)

Against the same opposition last time around, Villa have equalled or bettered every result played.

Instant Reaction: Villa can’t score in tepid 0-0 draw against West Ham,” by Robert Lintott (7500 to Holte)

The only upside I can see in today’s match was the fact that we’ve seen Villa keep yet another clean sheet.

Aston Villa to start keeping the ball and winner of the competition,” by Damian Dugdale (The Villa Blog)

The football we played against West Ham was horrible.

Mat Kendrick’s highs and lows from West Ham 0 Villa 0,” Mat Kendrick (Birmingham Mail)

It is encouraging that even when they are on the defensive, Villa can still get goalscoring opportunities – they’ve just got to start sticking them away. . . . The point in the East End also continued Villa’s encouraging results record on their travels this season, with two wins, two draws and a defeat.

(And Stewart Downing had a decent game, didn’t he?)